Sharik Cafe achieves second place in the literary partner

Powered by :Sharik Hub | 18 October 2023 | News

المركز الثاني- شارك كافيه

Sharik Cafe won second place in Category C in the cultural competition, the Literary Partner Initiative, organized by the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority of the Ministry of Culture. It is an initiative that seeks to establish literary partnerships with cafes that work to promote literary works in an innovative and accessible way to society, which contributes to Directly raising cultural awareness.

In its first participation, Sharik Café achieves an advanced position among more than forty participating cafés around the Kingdom, which it deserved by activating the cultural initiative in the café spaces during the initiative period with cultural meetings, evenings, book discussions, and qualitative contributions inside the café, which enhances the initiative’s goals in targeting café visitors. By providing them with literary and cultural events and contributions that enrich their visit to the café, make it a different cultural experience, and enable them to interact with the cultural sector.

Sharik Café’s obtaining second place in the Literary Partner Initiative was the first step for a more extensive experience and inspiration for future plans, as the café will participate in the next season of the initiative, starting in September 2023, with a more forward-looking vision for continued cultural presence, after the opening of the Sharik Café branch in the city of Riyadh, which It includes a dedicated space for events that can accommodate up to 90 people, which will reflect a diverse cultural movement by hosting intellectual and literary events that contribute to creating renewed spaces for cultural presentation, and for Sharik Café with its two branches to become a cultural destination for café patrons and those interested in literature in all its forms.


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